Capacity Building Program

1 Shaheed Benazirabad Jan 2013SCCCM trainings aim to strengthen response capacity through enhanced understanding of coordination and management of relief sites in the event of displacement. Through the trainings, government authorities, humanitarian partners and at-risk communities learn principles for assisting and protecting displaced populations in a coordinated and standards-based manner. IOM’s CCCM training package was designed by CCCM experts at the global level and is currently being adapted according to the Pakistani context in collaboration with the National Institute for Disaster Management (NIDM).

Trainings vary in length and depth depending on the profile of participants and requests from partners to address specific gaps in CCCM knowledge or capacity. The most commonly-delivered CCCM training is a three-day Practitioner Training that covers all components of the training package and builds on participants’ past experiences.
Briefer sessions and workshops of one to two days serve to raise awareness of CCCM principles and are sometimes integrated into more extensive, multi-sectoral trainings. This is the case of the annual humanitarian capacity building program led by the National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA), which includes a one-day module on CCCM, facilitated by an IOM trainer.

2 Islamabad March 2013SEmergency Trainings of one day have also been developed to address immediate needs for a surge in local capacity during an emergency. This type of training was first delivered in response to the 2012 monsoon floods at the request of government and humanitarian partners.

The most extensive training is a five-day Training of Trainers (ToT), which provides in-depth coverage of the CCCM training package, including guidance for delivering training modules. Participants are certified as CCCM Master Trainers upon completion of the ToT and can then be mobilized to deliver further trainings. Due to support from CCCM Master Trainers, IOM has been delivering trainings in local languages since March 2012.

CCCM training events are organized in close collaboration with local authorities and delivered to a wide range of participants, including government officials, members of civil society and community volunteers. Below is a summary of IOM’s CCCM capacity building activities from 2011 through 2013. Further details can be accessed on the CCCM capacity building website:


Type of Training No. of trainings No. of participants
Training of Trainers (ToT) 5 131
Practitioner Training 28 795
Workshop 21 941
Session 2 77
Emergency Training 4 113
Total 60 2,047


Maps created for CCCM can be accessed from following link: CCCM Trainings in Pakistan (2010-2013)