Case Study of Khan Bibi

Project Title: Humanitarian Assistance to the Disaster Affected Vulnerable Population of Pakistan

Organization: Devcon under partnership with Concern Worldwide with funding from by ECHO-VI

Area of Implementation: Union Council Kot Jango and Union Council Misri Pur, Tehsil Thul, District Jacobabad

Case Study: A daughter and her mother (both widows)

Introduction:  Khan Bibi is a 51 year old resident of Abdul Raheem village in Deh Qalander Pur, Union Council Misri Pur, Taluka Thull, district of Jacobabad, Sindh Province, Pakistan. She received humanitarian assistance to rebuild her home after it was destroyed in the floods of 2012.


Khan Bibi lives with her 72 year old disabled mother, Sobran in Abdul Raheem village of Jacoobabad. Both women are widows who earn their own livelihood to support themselves. They have only one acre of land to cultivate, which is not enough to survive a year cycle. Despite being disabled, Sobran also works in the field while Khan Bibi sews clothes for villagers at just Rs. 50 per dress. With both women working, their total monthly earnings average at about Rs. 2000 per month. When the flood hit in 2012, Khan Bibi and Sobran lost their home and possessions in the devastation and had no choice but to leave their village and live on the road. Due to the immense amount of hardship faced following the flood, both mother and daughter expressed how difficult this period was for them.

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Identification of UC for assistance:

During the district Shelter/NFIs Cluster meeting, Union Council Misri Pur was highlighted by the Shelter Cluster Team and a request/recommendation was made to organizations to provide greater assistance there. Union Council Misri Pur was identified as having high priority needs in terms of shelter, health, WASH and education. Based on this recomendation, the Shelter Cluster conducted a field visit in Union Council Misri Pur to identify the gaps for providing assistance. Following this field visit, it was unanimously agreed that a project should be implemented there.

 As part of the Dev Con assessment of Misri Pur, Khan Bibi was identified as part of the vulnerable displaced population in need of a One Room Shelter. The village committee also reccommended Khan Bibi for shelter support.

Khan Bibi’s Comments:

We are very thankful to the village committee and DEVCON for their kindness and support. When we lost our home, we had very little hope until DEVCON gave us the support we needed to rebuild our home. On the 6th of November, I purchased construction material at the market fair in Thull through vouchers provided by DEVCON and later DEVCON rewarded us with Rs. 5000 for bricks to complete the construction of my home. Fortunately, the construction of my home is fully complete and my mother and I are able to live under a proper roof. It had been extremely hard to live without shelter, particularly in the winter and rainy days, where we could not even cook or do housework. Without the support of DEVCON, we would have not been able to build our home as we are poor and short on income, depending mostly on our fellow villagers and relatives. We pray that this project continues and that all those left vulnerable and homeless from the flood receive enough support to build back their lives and homes.