Balochistan Earthquake 2013


Earthquake 2013 13 01

Two large-scale earthquakes struck large areas of southwest Pakistan in 2013. The first earthquake occurred on 24th September 2013, at 4:29 PM at an intensity of 7.7 magnitude. Thereafter, a second earthquake occurred on 28th September 2013, at 12:34 PM, at an intensity of 7.2 magnitude.

The earthquakes affected a wide range of districts within the Balochistan province, with the worst-hit districts including Awaran, Kech, Kharan, Panjgur, Washu and Gwadar. Within the district of Awaran, the Mashkay tehsil, Awaran tehsil and Jhal Jao tehsil were the most severely affected by the earthquake. Similarly in District Kech, the Hoshab tehsil was the most affected.


District Causalities Injuries
Awaran 347 600
Kech 46 240
Total 393 840


Emergency Response Summary

District Affected Households / Need * Government Distributions
(Emergency Shelter - HH)
Humanitarian Distributions
(Emergency Shelter - HH)
Emergency Shelter Gap ** Government Distributions
(NFI-Blankets Count)
Humanitarian Distributions
(NFI-Blankets Count)
NIF (Blanket) Gap ***
Awaran 25,000 37,415 2,921 0 15,925 7,500 101,575
Kech 5,000 1,400 200 3,400 0 0 25,000
Total 30,000 38,815 3,121 3,400 15,925 7,500 126,575

  * Information about affected households and government distributions were collected from PDMA Balochistan website.

Situation Overview

  • Most affected areas are difficult to access
  • Reported limitations of assistance outreach (security, infrastructures)
  • Some agencies are now withdrawing assistance once distribution of items have been completed
  • Most people remain close to their homes and are living in tents/ makeshift shelters or in structures that resisted the earthquake; there are therefore many unverified reports of displacements happening
  • People have started salvaging material but do not have the tools or capacity to rebuild their homes themselves
  • Majority of mud structures suffered significant damages – many roofs collapsed and some walls are still standing but are of poor quality
  • There are many challenges with capacities and availability of construction material, shelter approach adapted to EQ
  • Discussions held during TWIG and SAG meetings
  • Caseload variations – maybe more that 1 HH per house damaged


Map Baluchistan Earthquake 2013 - 131025

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